Overlays and Active Services for Internetworked Storage

The OASIS project is focused on building network services from the network layer up. Informed by the introduction of a vast array of special-purpose processing points within the network (such as SAN storage directors, HTTP load balancers, firewalls, traffic shapers, etc), we are designing Programmable Network Elements based on a Classify, Infer, and Act architecture. These elements rely on a router mechanism we are designing called a "generalized packet filter". These filters are simple, composable, and customizable, allowing for arbitrary combinations of high speed packet processing paths in the router, which we will be able to use to invoke per-stream and per-packet processing at various points in the network. This capability will be the basis of larger, distributed services and applications such as storage management, distributed authentication, and multimedia applications.

As part of the OASIS project, we have constructed a testbed based on the IBM BladeCenter server.

For real-time status information (including load, network activity, etc) on the testbed, please check out our Testbed Real-Time Status Monitor

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